Love.dee Creations

Get to know DeShawn Wooding! DeShawn is the owner of Love.dee Creations, a wonderful custom gift located at 279 W. Main Street in Covington. She is also a participant in this year’s Gauntlet program.

We asked DeShawn a few questions, take a look at her responses below:

➡️ Tell us about Love.dee Creations! My business focuses on one-of-a-kind woodworking, resin wood furniture, and laser engraved services for custom gifts. Our shop on Main Street also features several small businesses local to the Allegheny highlands to help them grow as well.

➡️ What do you enjoy most about doing business in and supporting our Alleghany Highlands community? What I enjoy most is meeting new customers and having conversations with the people that come through my doors. We are small but the community always finds a way to support others.

➡️ How long have you lived in the Alleghany Highlands? I am originally from Bath County but have lived in Covington for the past 12 years.

➡️ Tell us about your favorite things to do, places to go or dine in the Alleghany Highlands! My favorite place to dine is the Tavern located in Clifton Forge. Some of my favorite places to go are the Jackson River Trail and Smith Bridge with my family and dogs. I also enjoy going to and participating in the local farmers markets in the area.

Be sure to stop by Love.dee Creations, say hi to DeShawn and support this great business!