Alleghany Outdoors

The weather is warming up… It’s the perfect time to get outside and learn more about Alleghany Outdoors, in this business spotlight!

We recently spoke to Matthew Fischer, Alleghany Outdoors Manager. Take a look at his responses below!

🚣‍♂️ Tell us about Alleghany Outdoors!

“We are an outfitter that provides kayaks, tubes, bikes, and shuttle services for the Jackson River and the Jackson River Scenic Trail. We offer regularly scheduled trips on a 11-mile stretch of the Jackson River, from Smith Bridge, Indian Draft, Petit Coat and all end back at our location. We are located on 5-river front acres that make for a great spot for gathering a group of family or friends at the end of your trip.”

🚣‍♂️ What inspired you to open Alleghany Outdoors?

“I have always had a strong connection with the Alleghany Highlands and when this opportunity presented itself I jumped all over it.

My family history goes back pretty far in this region and has interesting story. My 2X Great Grandfather sailed over here on a small sailboat to escape the regime of the Austrian Kaiser. As the story goes, he built a house inside a barn, for privacy, as some thought the Kaiser might be looking for him.

He was an engineer by trade and built some of the earlier homes and bridges in Clifton Forge. His son, Edward, continued in his legacy. His other son, Otto Fischer, my Great Grandfather, ran the Fischer Family Theater on Ridgeway St. and I believe it was the first motion theater picture show in Clifton Forge.

So, I was excited to come back and help this area take advantage of all the amazing, natural amenities it has to offer. Hopefully, we can see from this a community take pride and an identity in this region being an outdoor town. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy in the outdoor recreation field for both business and pleasure in the Alleghany Highlands.”

🚣‍♂️ What do you enjoy most about doing business in the Alleghany Highlands, supporting our community and helping people experience the beautiful outdoors?

“I enjoy giving back to the community where and when I can. We host two scheduled river and trail clean-ups every year. We are also willing to help with logistics if any group or clubs wish to host a clean-up of their own. We provide two beginner kayaking classes per year and hope to see that grow as the demand grows.”

🚣‍♂️ Does your business have any special offerings this spring or summer?

“We always give a local resident discount of 10% and first responders, military, and those in academia a 15% discount

We have a Bike, Burger, and Beer trip we do in coordination with Cliff View Restaurant – bike 7.5 miles from Interval to Cliff View and enjoy lunch or dinner. Cliff View will also give children free ice cream if they ride there. We also do the River Bank Music Chronicles with Cliff View – paddle from Johnson Springs back to your car at the Cliff View Inn, then enjoy live music and good food.

We are looking to work with local restaurants or just some good old fashion pot luck dinners on a few Wednesdays this year.

This year, we are also working with Metta Vibrations for a Yoga, Kayak, and Sound Meditation trip and Alleghany Humane Society for a pet adoption day.”

🚣‍♂️ Don’t miss these great upcoming spring and summer events:

Clean-up date: April 22nd

Pet Adoption Day: April 30th

Yoga, Kayak, Sound Meditation: May 10th

Beginner Kayak Classes: June 24th & August 5th

🚣‍♂️ For more details, visit: or call 540-969-1800!